U-bolt is developed as a part of pole line hardware.

This power line hardware is deadend hardware, can be use with suspension clamps, ball eye, link single plate, u-clevis, clevis eye in installing (OPGW – optical ground wires) and ADSS (all-dielectric self-supporting), AAAC, ACSS, ACSR, bare and covered types of transmission conductors.

Also U Bolts are used as wire rope clip with casted part, in order to fixate the conductor or rope inside it, by tightening the nuts.

Those type of installation often includes preformed guy grips. This information is shown Helical line fittings area of our web site.

Those accessories passed temperature cycling and aging tests, corrosion resistance test, tension test in the assembly with appropriate pole line hardware

High strength elements reduce the risk of cable slipping or other damage during operation period of the overhead power line. Afford to build the confident and trouble proofed mounting structure of high voltage cable in overhead transmission lines.

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