Flat FTTH drop cable

Flat Drop Fiber Optic Cables other called Butterfly FTTH drop cables were developed to apply on last mile installation route to connect the final users or buildings to telecommunication network using GPON and FTTH technology.
Cable is an assembly of one or more fiber cores, reinforced and protected by special materials and jacket, two strength member are located at the two opposite sides, fiber core placed between them and all the structure jacketed by black or white LSZH sheath.
Flat FTTH Fiber Drop Cables can be applied indoor or outdoor, on underground or aerial cable routes, roofs, and in cable ducts.
Jera offers FTTH fiber drop cables:
- Flat FTTH Drop Cables with steel rods
- Flat FTTH Drop Cables with FRP rods
We recommend using these butterfly type drop cables when small size and low mechanical strengths are required on short spans of network construction routes. Our Butterfly FTTH cables have 4 as maximum capacity of fibers, reinforced by FRP or steel rods. Outer jacket can be made of weather and UV resistant LSZH first grade plastic material or PVC, black or white color. Fiber core of optical FTTH cables are made of G657 A1, A2
FTTX drop cables meet the criteria of key regional standards RoHS, CE.
We had launched production of FTTH drop cables, and aimed on continuously developing this area, in order to satisfy our customer needs by offering most completed and cost efficient solution for FTTH network construction.

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