Fiber optic adapter

Fiber optic adapter, other called fiber optic coupler, is used for connection of two fiber optic cables, terminated as patch cords or fiber optic pigtails, during constructor of optical fiber distribution line.
Fiber optic adapter’s solution is mostly spread, widely applied in optical fiber management system, last mile end user’s connection, all connections in data centers and other passive optical network (PON), GPON, XPON projects.
By the diversity of telecommunication and fiber optic connector types, optic adapters, as well, have plenty of varieties such as SC, FC, LC, ST, E2000, MPO, MTP, MU etc.
Jera provides complete product range of fiber optic adapters with competitive price – quality ratio.
Low insertion loss and stability in performance are achieved by using appropriate ferrules inserted in plastic parts, with allowable tolerance.
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