Anchor and suspension brackets

The suspension and tension brackets were designed to anchor or suspense the ADSS, OFNR, figure-8, FTTX, cable dead-end tension or suspension clamps. In addition, used for Fiber optical closures (FOSC) as storage for cable slacks, which appear during the construction of

telecommunication network in overhead lines with ADSS, FTTH, drop wire cables.

Jera product range of bracket for installation of telecommunication cable includes anchoring brackets, suspension brackets, C-hooks, FTTH draw hooks, angle hooks, pole brackets, SS hooks, cable slack storage and various drops attachments.

Brackets can be easily attached to the building, strand or poles with special screws, bolts or stainless steel band with the buckles. Stainless steel strap and buckles are available in Jera banding web’s area.

We provide our customers by anchor and suspension assemblies, which have been tested with dead-ending of flat and round cables applied on dead-end, double dead-ending routes and different angles.

Jera’s brackets and hooks are made of steel materials, aluminum, stainless steel materials, what grantee high corrosion resistance and long period of usage. Operation experience with temperatures ranging from –60 °C up to +60 °C.

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