Vibration dampers

Vibration damper designed to control high frequency Aeolian vibration of the transmission lines. Vibration dampers can be used with optical ground wires (OPGW), all dielectric self-supporting (ADSS) cables.

Wind-induced vibration creates an imbalance, which causes an exhaustion of cable in anchored places of the conductor, near attached hardware like tension suspension clamps, and duration life of ADSS, OPGW cable is very short.

When the vibration damper is installed, it will waste the energy of Aeolian vibration, by itself.

Jera line fittings has researched the most specific and best experience in wasting of aeolian vibration, by including following vibration dampers in our product range:

Stockbridge vibration damper
Spiral vibration damper
The sizes and geometry of dampers influence the amount of energy that will waste against aeolian vibration. Vibration damper will be chosen according to specific span and conductor requirements.

Vibration dampers are made of stainless steel materials, aluminum, thermoplastic, steel. That insures a high corrosion resistance and guarantee the long period of usage.

Jera offers all the cable joints and accessories, which needed in construction of overhead transmission network: pole brackets, pole banding, stainless steel band and buckles, hooks, turnbuckles, shackles, spiral vibration dampers, cable slack storage, parallel groove connectors.

All the assemblies passed the tensile tests, operation experience with temperatures ranging from –60 °C up to +60 °C test, temperature cycling test, aging test, corrosion resistance test etc.

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