Spool ties

Helical spool tie was developed to secure conductor to side of groove of spool insulator.
Preformed insulator spool ties are made of aluminum covered steel, aluminum, galvanized steel materials.
Each wire formed spool tie additionally equipped with an elastomeric tie tube, which designed to decrease duration failure to bare cable and spool insulators. That provide superior holding and electrical performance with best insulation characteristics of applied section.
Insulator spool tie is used for bare aerial bundled conductors in MV and HV power transmission networks. They are intended for larger line angles than top groove style ties.
Jera’s helical spool tie provide confident protection for the cable during most common types of motion: vibration, galloping being installed on the spool type insulator.
Jera is capable to develop preformed dead ends and preformed spool ties according to your cable specification, insulator neck diameter and distances between poles.
We are focus on the quality and on the completed solutions for our customers.
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