Banding tools

Strap banding tool, other called band tool used in fastening solutions with band strapping and buckles to attach industrial fittings, anchoring and suspension assemblies and other devices to the poles with LV, HV ABC cable fittings, with fiber optic cable accessories in construction of passive optical networks, in marine and railway transportation, mining, oil and gas industries, fixing sings to power line.

Banding tools are made of high strength die casted, iron hardware is forged. The strapping tool has superior rust corrosion resistance, and trouble proofed design which strictly clamped the band and buckles. The cut knife withholds plenty of cutting cycles and guarantee long service period of tool.

The operations of cutting, tension, banding can be done with spin tension handle, spring loaded gripper and cutter. To complete the installation: there is only one tool needed. Banding tool is suitable for stainless steel bands width from 1/4“ to 3/4“. Maximum thickness of mounted steel band is 0.030″

Jera produces wire range of strapping tools:

* Wheel type tool for operations with band strapping
* Ratchet type tool for operations with band strapping
* Tie tool for operations with nylon cable ties
* Pistol cable tie tool for operations with stainless steel cable ties
For ex., the basic package of banding accessories to fixate the Pole line hardware includes:
* Stainless steel band
* Banding tool
* Buckles


* Cut the stainless steel strap with needed length by banding tool
* Put on it the stainless steel buckle
* Fix the strap by moving the strap banding tool wheel, then cut the band.
Jera produces the whole set of banding accessories in order to offer most completed solution to you in industrial fittings’ attachments.

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