Cable ties

Cable ties are used in fixing solutions to bundle cables to industrial fittings. To attach street sign, traffic signal to the poles in municipal applications. Those cable accessories clamp overhead power cables, fiber optic cable fittings. Ties are used in marine and railway transportation, mining, oil, water and gas construction industry, underground drilling and other general applications including hoses, pipes and control devises or cabinets.

Jera has a wide product range of cable ties of different types, the main are:

* Nylon cable ties
* Stainless steel cable ties
* Full coated stainless steel cable ties
All of the cable ties are self locking. Stainless steel banding ties come with a safety cut edges for safe maintenance. The design and the materials provide the outstanding quality of ties, which allows them be used in different climatic areas, snowy, cold, marine and salty environments. Cable accessories passed operation experience with temperature cycling test, corrosion resistance test etc.


* Prepare the exact size and type of cable tie
* Band it over the accessory and pole.
* Fix the tie into its locking part.
* Tight the tie by hand or use the cable tie tensioning tool
Jera supplies the whole set of banding ties accessories, offers most completed solution to you in industrial fittings’ attachments.

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