LV ABC Cable Suspension Clamp, ES-1500

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LV ABC Cable Suspension Clamp ES-1500 designed to attach LV-ABC lines with the insulated neutral messenger to towers poles or walls, for angles up to 30° towards the pole and up to 50° away from the pole.


Key features:

1. Movable link allows the universal movement of the clamp body. ES-1500 for ABC mains as well as sub-mains.

2. One piece format, assists linesmen by hanging the neutral messenger in open position.

3. ES-1500 allows quick installation by locking adjustable grip clip despite different cable sizes.

4. ES-1500 is supplied with aluminum suspension bracket ES-1500, which allows easy installations with the LV ABC hooks, pigtails, bolts and stainless steel strap of 20×0,7 mm.

Suspension assembly ES-1500 is available either separately.

5. Toolfree installation provides it’s universality.

5. Materials:  corrosion resistant aluminum part, high mechanical and climatic resistance thermoplastic materials.

مشابه: PS د 1500 + LM25-95


Technical specification:


Product code کيبل اندازه، mm2 MBL، KN د وزن. کيلوګرام
سرپټونۍ-1500 (ايل) 10 - 95 9 0،180

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