Изолятор отформованных связей

Йера производства изоляторов предварительно отформованные связей для голых и изолированных проводников воздушных, которые должны быть прикреплены к изоляторам различных типов: полимерные изоляторов, фарфоровая катушка изолятора, керамического изолятора катушки, сковывает изолятор, изолятор бабочки, пост-типа изоляторы и т.д. предварительно
Preformed distribution ties for insulator are tying the conductors with neck or head of insulator, from top or side part
Guy grips for insulators are made in accordance to applied conductor type: ACCC, ASCR, ABC insulated. The type of overhead conductor influence on insulation characteristics of the helical insulator ties, and its kind.
Jera line can offer polymer insulated galvanized helical insulator ties, aluminum twin ties, helical top ties, helical spool ties, helical side ties to secure ACCC, ASCR, ABC conductors on the insulator, on towers or wooden poles in construction of electrical power distribution and transmission network.
Preformed insulator ties usually are made of the same material as conductor, which they applied: aluminum, carbon galvanized steel. That provide superior holding and electrical performance with best insulation characteristics of applied section.
The unique, one-piece design without any bolts or high-stress holding devices guarantee easy installation with long life period of preformed insulator ties.
Jera is capable to develop preformed wire grips according to your cable specification and distances between poles. All of our wire formed fittings have been tested with the collaboration of electricity companies in order to satisfy the local requirements of our customers. Furthermore, Jera has the complete range of testing facility to proceed the tests of helical wires.

Каждый день мы совершенствуем предварительно отформованные принадлежности линии для достижения новых задач глобального электрического рынка раздаточного.
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