Helical لائين Fittings

ADSS ۽ OPGW جو مطالبو لاء Jera جي حل جي reliability کي بهتر ڪرڻ لاء ٺاهيا ويا آهن، جي ڪارڪردگي، سڀ طاقت جي ورڇ نيٽ ورڪ جي قيمت سانڍجي.
Jera offers preformed guy fittings for bare and insulated overhead cabling for aluminum and copper systems for the power distribution HV sector and for rail networks. Helical fittings is also used in overhead telecommunication networks to grip ADSS and OPGW fiber optic cables.

preformed ليڪ جي شين جي Jera پيداوار جي حد تائين شامل آهن: مري-آخر بندا grips، ماتلي grips، پاسي لاڳاپن، ڳنڍيل لاڳاپن، insulator مٿي لاڳاپن کي، ڍال rods، مڪمل ۾ مصالحت splices، المونيم، ٽامي، يا لوهي ٻڌل conductors لاء.
The grips intended for anchoring overhead power transmission lines, street lighting, land transport, elements of building and constructions which provide today’s most effective method for securing guy strand. This unique, one-piece dead-end is neat in appearance and free from bolts or high-stress holding devices. The dead-end guy wire grips was the first to offer the cabled loop, a feature that provides more durability, easier tensioning and adaptability to multiple guying. GUY-GRIP Dead-ends are made of the same material as the strand to which they are applied. They should be used on hardware that is held in a fixed position. The overhead line fitting should not be allowed to rotate or spin about the axis of the strand. They should not be used as tools including come-alongs, pulling-in grips, etc

انهن مان سڀ امان جي مقامي ضرورتن ۽ اسان جي گراهڪن جي قومي معيار راضي ڪرڻ ۾ بجلي ۽ ڏور ربطيات ڪمپنين جي سهڪار سان ڏبا ڪيو ويو آهي.

هر ڏينهن اسان کي - Jera عالمي بجلي ۽ نيٽ ورڪ ورڇ جي مارڪيٽ جي نئين چئلينجن کي حاصل ڪرڻ لاء اسان جي لوازمات کان بهتر آهن.
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