ACCC، ACSR بندا grips

المونيم ACCC ۽ ACSR conductors جي بنياد تي پولينڊ يا بجلي جي ورڇ ۾ سند نيٽ ورڪ جي تعمير ۾ ڌاتو برج تي استعمال deadends.
Aluminum grips are made of high strength corrosion resistant aluminum alloy wire, covered by sand layer and glue, can be used in any environments. Helical aluminum grips are designed to hold the full rated strength of aluminum (ACC), or aluminum alloy (ACCC), or aluminum covered steel (ACSR) conductors.
Usually installed on conductor, do not require any tools.

Jera preformed production line is capable to adjust wire formed dead ends in accordance to data sheet clients’ cable.

اسان جي ADSS مري آخر grips ۽ قائم تار لوازمات جي سڀ امان اسان جي گراهڪن جي گهرج راضي ڪرڻ ۾ بجلي ۽ ڏور ربطيات عام واھپي جون شيون جي سهڪار سان ڏبا ڪيو ويو آهي.
Jera has the complete range of test equipment to proceed the type test of heliformed dead ends from preformed line products range.
We focus on the quality and complete range of steel formed grips, which includes: fiber optic cable dead-end guy grips, suspension grips, side ties, twin ties, insulator top ties, armor rods, full tension splices, casted thimbles, pole fittings (anchor shackles, ball eye), motion control damper etc.
Each day we are improving our products to achieve new challenges of global electrical and network distributing market.
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