Shear head bolt lug CLB 150-240

Product information:

Aluminum cable lug CLB 150-240, use on electrical transmission lines up to 10 kV.

Cable bolted lugs are suitable for aluminum and copper cables, stranded shaped, circular, and solid with cross section of cable line 120-240 mm2.

The area of application is wide starting form overhead electrical distribution lines and finishing by buildings and underground electrical distribution networks.

Installation process does not require the specialized compression tool. All the needed tension torque achieved using simple hex key, which tighten the bolt. The shear bolt of cable lug has indicated shear head torque, and shears off when needed torque reached.

Technical specification:


Product code

Cable size, mm2

Torque, Nm

Size bolt, M

No. of bolts


CLB 150-240





Up to10 KV


Product Detail

Jera line as a cable fitting manufactory produces aluminum cable lugs form high strength aluminum materials with 100% QC during the phase of production by forging, and puts great emphasis on the materials, technology and bolt – lug compliance in case of thread quality. Inner jointing grease guarantee sustainable electrical contact.

Application: chosen the needed shear head bolt aluminium lug, according to conductor’s size, please shear off the cable cover at needed distance. Input cable conductor inside the cable lug. Tight the shear bolt screw nearest insulation. Then tighten until all hats of shear bolt will be broken.

Our customers proved quality of this cable lug bolted.

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