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Jera has settled a confident range of composite strain insulator fittings for 6-35 kV overhead electrical lines. To string the electrical insulator, one of the serious challenge is to choose proper pin type socket fitting for composite insulator ends, in order to correspond to the requirements of suspension and tension load and duration of usage of electrical line.

Socket fitting SF-16 is used at the ends of string insulators during construction of AAAC, ACSR, ACSS, ABC cable lines, on high and medium voltage areas of electrical power supply network.

Socket fitting for insulator is made of hot dip galvanized forged steel, which guarantee its quality. Further ball socket connection with polymer insulator is realized by close-pin solution, which eliminates the risk of failure of power line from wind movement, vibrations.

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Jera is able to produce socket and ball fittings for rubber insulator and other pole line hardware according to customers’ drawings and requirements.

Typical electrical line system is installed using ball fitting for insulator, tongue, clevis, eye end fitting, dead end strain clamp, socket eye, socket clevis, U-bolt, link single plate, link fitting, anchor shackles. All the mentioned fittings are available in Jera high voltage fittings product case.

Assembly of Socket Pin Type End Fitting for Composite Insulators had passed temperature cycling, electrical aging tests, corrosion resistance test, and tension test.

Jera’s product range of high-voltage fittings and power line hardware is constantly expanding, because we are in focus on the quality and on the completed solutions for our customers.

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