Spiral Vibration Damper

Product information:

Spiral vibration dampers were designed to control high frequency aeolian vibration of the transmission line, by helically formed specific shape. One end of helical damper that grips the conductor (gripping section) has smaller inner diameter than remaining part of damper. That shape provides energy waste of the vibration wave.

Spiral dampers are recommended to used with ADSS cable, bare conductors, and OPGW cables. They are easier in installation and provide the excellent grip without optical signal losses or damaging of the fiber optic cable. The helical damper done for non-metaling materials.

Spiral vibration damper will be chosen according to specific span and conductor requirements.

Technical specification:

Type Cable size, mm Length, mm
VS-01 8.3 – 11.7 1360
VS-02 11.70 – 14.31 1360
VS-03 14.32 – 19.3 1570

Product Detail

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Jera offers all the cable joints and accessories, which needed in construction of overhead transmission network: pole brackets, pole banding, stainless steel band and buckles, hooks, turnbuckles, shackles, spiral vibration dampers, cable slack storage, parallel groove connectors.

All the assemblies passed the tensile tests, operation experience with temperature cycling test etc.

Analogs: CO27

Materials: UV resistant plastic


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