Stainless Steel Cable Ties

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Stainless steel cable ties are mostly used in the areas where the withhold of sufficient mechanical loads and extended service period are required, to fix electrical distribution cable accessories, to attach street sign, traffic signal to the poles in municipal applications, and other general applications in mining, oil, water and gas construction industry, drilling with pipes, hoses.

Type Width, mm Thikness Length, mm Material
IQS-4-100 4.6 0.25 100 stainless steel
IQS-4-150 4.6 0.25 150 stainless steel
IQS-4-200 4.6 0.25 200 stainless steel
IQS-4-250 4.6 0.25 250 stainless steel
IQS-4-300 4.6 0.25 300 stainless steel
IQS-4-350 4.6 0.25 350 stainless steel
IQS-4-400 4.6 0.25 400 stainless steel
IQS-4-450 4.6 0.25 450 stainless steel
IQS-4-500 4.6 0.25 500 stainless steel
IQS-8-100 7.9 0.25 100 stainless steel
IQS-8-150 7.9 0.25 150 stainless steel
IQS-8-200 7.9 0.25 200 stainless steel
IQS-8-250 7.9 0.25 250 stainless steel
IQS-8-300 7.9 0.25 300 stainless steel
IQS-8-350 7.9 0.25 350 stainless steel
IQS-8-400 7.9 0.25 400 stainless steel
IQS-8-450 7.9 0.25 450 stainless steel
IQS-8-500 7.9 0.25 500 stainless steel

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They are used Indoor, outdoor, in power stations, petrochemical and other aggressive environments, resistant to acid and alkaline.

Stainless steel cable ties are made of stainless steel of different grades: 304, 316. S/s grade 316 has a superior rust corrosion resistance to be used in marine application due to aggressive chemical environment.

Jera’ ball-lock stainless steel cable ties  passed operation tests with temperatures ranging from –80 °C up to +500 °C test, temperature cycling test. Self-locking ball lock gear allows quick and easy operation.

Jera’ stainless steel ties are available in different sizes to assist your strapping needs of securing with heavy loads


• Prepare the exact size of stainless steel cable tie

• Band the cable tie over the accessories.

• Fix the tie into its locking part

• Tight the stainless steel tie by hand or use the cable tie tensioning tool

Jera produces the whole set of banding ties accessories, offers most completed solution to you in industrial fittings’ attachments.



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