stop kontak distribution optik

Sebaran optik stop kontak (titik) disebut oge tungtungna pamaké terminating kotak mangrupa napel saperti outlet témbok. Titik distribusi optik anu dirancang keur solusi FTTH jeung jaringan optik pasif. Keur aplikasi FTTH gunana, stop kontak optik fiber ieu dipaké pikeun nungtungan cords optik fiber, patch cords, cords pigtail, kalawan adapters nurutkeun syarat customer.
FTTH fiber optic socket has two, or four ports, which provides the installation of one or two fiber optic adapters, built on the regular SC footprint.
Jera’s fiber optic termination boxes provide mechanical protection, flexible fiber route management and control, easy installation because of features, implemented in design of all FTTH Fiber optic termination boxes.
Jera offers all the FTTH fiber optic faceplates, with needed FTTH accessories: Fiber Optic Pigtail, Fiber Optic Patch Cord, Fiber Optic Adapter, Protection Sleeve, Fiber optic termination Box, Fiber Optic Splice Closure, Drop wire clamps, Down lead clamps, pole brackets, pole banding, Anchoring and Suspension clamps, cable slack storage, etc. We offer most completed passive optical part of FTTH applications.
All the FTTH accessories passed the operation experience test with temperatures ranging from –60 °C up to +60 °C aging test, corrosion resistance test, IP test etc.
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