Suspension airdac clamp ES-1500.1

Product information:

Suspension clamp for LV ABC cable with insulated neutral messenger, another called LV serice or Airdac cable clamp ES-1500.1 is designed to attach Low voltage ABC cables to towers poles or walls, for angles up to 30° towards the pole and up to 50° away from the pole.

This Pigtail type ABC clamp can be used together in LV suspension assembly with suspension bracket PS-1500. This Airdac ABC clamp is a one piece format, assists linesmen by hanging the neutral messenger in open position. ES-1500 allows quick installation by locking adjustable grip clip despite different cable sizes. Toolfree installation provides it’s universality.

Technical Specification:


Cable size, mm2


Weight. kg


16 – 95




Analogs: F-ALMB, F-MB, ES-1500, PS 54, PS54+CS14,

Product Detail

Materials: high mechanical, UV and climatic resistance thermoplastic material.

This low voltage ABC fitting conform to the standards NFC 33 040, CENELEC EN 50483-4.


Airdac suspension clamp can be installed in straight direction, in line deviation angle up to 90º. Allow the cable to be easily positioned and clamped inside. Fixation of cable can be done without tools, very adjustable to grip and suspend the cable in LV ABC networks. All you need is to put the conductor inside, position it, and lock the fixation clip.

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