Overhead Cable Suspension Assembly, PS-1500

Product information:

Overhead Cable Suspension Assembly, PS-1500 designed to attach LV-ABC lines with the insulated neutral messenger to the towers poles or walls, for angles up to 30° towards the pole and up to 50° away from the pole.


Key features:

1. Movable link allows the universal movement of the clamp body.

2. Used for LVABC mains as well as LV-ABC sub-mains.

3. One piece format, assists linesmen by hanging the neutral messenger in open position.

4. PS-1500 allows quick installation by locking adjustable grip clip despite different cable sizes.

5. Materials:  corrosion resistant aluminum part, high mechanical and climatic resistance thermoplastic materials.


Technical specification:


Product code Cable size, mm2 MBL, kN Weight. kg
PS-1500(Al+Pl) 10 – 95 12 0.340

Analogs: ESF54/70, ES 54-14, ES 1500 25-95

All related to overhead cable products are available in Jera’s product range. Welcome to contact to have more info about stainless steel band or book bolts for attaching this clamp to pole.

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