Suspension cable clamp ES-800.1

Product information:

Aerial cable suspension clamp ES-800.1 was designed to suspense the electrical cable to the pole during overhead power line distribution of 1KV. Cable clamp ES-800.1 applied on angles up to 30° towards the pole and up to 50° away from the pole.

Key Features:

1.Color adjustable clip
2.One piece format
3.Quick installation, tool free
4.Wide diameters application range
5.Outdoor application

Application areas:

1.Aerial electrical distribution cable lines

Technical specification:


Product code

Cable size, mm2





Product Detail

Suspension clamp ES-800.1 was made of UV resistant, fiberglass reinforced thermoplastic, which guarantee the long duration of usage under various climatic conditions -50 till +70. The cable clip of suspension clamp is made of soft thermoplastic, which grips the cable more tightly and prevent its from slippage during galloping under wind and climatic forces.

The Suspension clamp ES-800.1 is available either separately or may be supplied together with aluminum bracket, which allows easy installations with the LV ABC cables during construction of power line. The supportive fittings like pole hooks, hook bolts, stainless steel strapping, stainless steel buckles, which produced by Jera line, may be chosen according to your project requirements.

Jera line produces the complete set for overhead electrical cable installation, and may adjust the products according to your national standards requirements to satisfy your needs on long term basis.

Jera’s factory is equipped by modern machines, and our laboratory has a wide range of equipment to test the product as deep as possible, in order to guarantee the duration of supplied airdac suspension clamp.

Jera line testing procedure was created considering the experience and methodology of EN-50483:4 and NFC-33040 international testing standard criteria, which applied in accessories for insulated cable, of 1 KV voltage.

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