ADSS Suspension Clamp, PS-619

Product information:

Suspension clamp is designed to suspend ADSS round optical fiber cable during construction of optical network transmission line with the distance up to 40 meters.

The clamp consists of plastic buckle and strap, which clamp the ADSS cable without damaging. A wide range of gripping capacities and mechanical resistance archived by universal usage of this telecommunication fitting.

Materials: galvanized steel carbine, nylon buckle and strap

Analogs: SS 10 25, SMS, SMS ADSS

Technical specification:

Product code Cable size, mm  MBL, kN Material
PS-619 6-19 3 galvanized steel,

Product Detail

Product Tags

The steel carbine of suspension clamp allows universal installation with opened or closed brackets or hooks on the poles.

The carbine of suspension optical cable clamp can be produced form stainless steel materials according to you request.

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