Low Voltage Insulated Cable Suspension Clamp, PS-25-95

Product information:

Low Voltage Insulated Cable Suspension Clamp PS-25-95 designed for the suspension of LV-ABC lines with the insulated neutral messenger to towers poles or walls, in straight lines and angles up to 90°.


Key features:

1. Suspension clamp PS-25/95 for Low Voltage ABC mains as well as LV ABC sub-mains.

2. One piece format, assists linesmen by hanging the neutral messenger in open position.

3. PS-25/95 allows quick installation by locking adjustable plastic wing fastener.

4. Suspension clamp PS-25/95 is made of aluminum allow which increase its mechanical strength.

5. Allows easy installations with the LV ABC hooks, pigtails, LV ABC cable brackets which are available in Jera  product range.

6. PS-25/95 clamp and attachments are available either separately or together as assembly.

7. Tool free installation provides it’s universality.

8. Materials:  corrosion resistant aluminum part, insulation is made of high mechanical and climatic resistance thermoplastic material, corrosion resistant hardware.


Technical specification:


Product code Cable size, mm2 MBL, kN Weight. kg
PS 25-95 25 – 95 22 0.260

Analogs: F-AL, SM95

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