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Jera истеҳсоли fittings бача ба расмият дароварда, барои барандаи кабели доимӣ луч ва изолятсия.
Most common type of Helical line fitting other called preformed line products is: dead-end guy grips. Guy grip dead-ends used on towers or wooden poles in construction of distribution network. Dead-end guy grips are made of the same material as conductor which they applied, aluminum, copper, galvanized steel
Generally Dead-end guy grips can be used in electrical power distribution or in overhead telecommunication networks to fixate ADSS and OPGW fiber optic cables to poles and towers.
The grips are intended to anchor overhead conductor or securing guy strand of pole. The unique, one-piece design without any bolts or high-stress holding devices guarantee easy installation with long life period of Preformed Helical Clamp Fitting.
Jera is capable to develop dead-end guy wire grips according to your cable specification.
All of our wire formed dead ends have been tested with the collaboration of electricity and telecommunication companies in order to satisfy the local requirements of our customers. Furthermore, Jera has the complete range of testing facility to proceed the tests of helical wires.

Ҳар рӯз мо такмил додани лавозимоти худ барои расидан ба чолишҳои нав бозори паҳн барқ ва шабакаи глобалии ӯ.
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