Ratchet Type Tool MBT-004

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Ratchet type tool MBT-004 is a way of binding stainless steel banding around different elements securely.

It keeps the tension tight on the strapping bands as they fasten the components together.

The ratchet style heavy duty forged steel banding tool. Used with up to 25mm width and 1.15mm thick stainless steel banding.

 The ratchet type tool is made of galvanized steel, which is resistant to impacts and wear.

Type Band size, mm Thickness of band, mm Net weight Material
MBT-004 > 25 > 1.5 1.800 stainless steel

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Ratchet Type Tool Manual

1. Slide the band through the buckle. Note position of buckle, with buckle ears held up and away from the operator

2. Pull the band tightly around the pole/box and through the buckle. Note one inch distance between buckle and the pole/box

3. Hold tool in your left hand and line up the slots in the nose and retchet so they are on a straight line

4. Insert the band through nose and ratchet slots, and hold short handle in right hand. Push long handle forward in full arc with left hand to tightens the band

5. Move tool forward and away from the buckle. Press the severed band end downward between the ears with the thumb

6. Hammer down the ears with the knob security locking the tape.



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