Turnbuckle T-30-01

Product information:

Turnbuckle T-30 made of galvanized steel, developed to use with hook and brackets, to adjust the string of cable line. Usually installed on LV-ABC electrical line to carry strain clamp PA-1500 or suspension clamps. Also can be used in overhead fber optic cable installation. Have an adjustable length and very easy in tensioning the cable.

Technical specification:

Product code


Max turn of screw, mm

Diameter of ring, mm

Weight, kg







Our customers proved quality of this heavy duty turnbuckle.

The whole cable hardware assembly have passed the voltage tests, tension test. Operation experience with temperatures ranging from –60 °C up to +60 °C test, tension test, corrosion resistance test, temperature-cycling test.

Typical line hardware system is applied by using

1. wire rope clamp

2. dead end strain clamp

3. helical guy grip

4. socket eye

5. link fitting

6. anchor shackle

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