điện áp thấp phụ kiện ABC

Jera đã phát triển hàng loạt các kết nối đáng tin cậy cho các loại cáp điện áp thấp, được sử dụng trong các hệ thống trên cao và ngầm điện phân phối, sét đường phố, các tòa nhà, giao thông, trạm biến áp. Tất cả các phụ kiện có thể được áp dụng trong tất cả các mạng phân phối điện từ 0,4 đến 1,2 KV.
Uniform low voltage cable accessories conformed to different regional standard such us CENELEC EN-50483-4:2009, GOST-R, NFC. Products are approved to be used with the following cable types of low voltage ABC (Aerial Bundled Conductors):
- LV-ABC lines with insulated neutral messenger
- Self-supporting LV-ABC lines
- LV-ABC lines with bare neutral messenger
Jera offers reliable and competitive range of LV wiring cable accessories of modern design and long life period such as Insulation piercing connector (IPC), End cap, Bimetal connections, Parallel groove connectors, Bolted lugs, Preinsulated sleeve, Preinsulated CPTAU lug, Suspension assembly, Suspension clamps for service cables, Anchoring bracket, Movable suspension clamp, Service anchoring assembly, Anchoring clamp, Wedge type clamps, LV dead end clamp, Stainless steel strap, Reinforced buckle, Cable saddle and ties, Pigtail bolt and hook, Overhead comealong and pulley for aerial bundled conductors, Mechanical winch, Fuse switch connector, short-circuiting devices and other protection accessories.
This product range of Low voltage ABC accessories completely covers all mentioned cable types.
Jera’s fittings are designed to install low voltage ABC lines with insulated neutral messenger, as well as self-supporting Low voltage ABC lines and low voltage ABC lines with bare neutral messenger.
Jera’ product package for LV self-supporting cables is constantly expanding. We are eager to offer modern and high qualified products. Help to customize them according to your requirements.
Our LV-ABC line factory will be happy to receive inquiries from you, welcome to contact us!


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