Irin alagbara, irin buckles

Irin Alagbara, Irin kó buckles, miiran ti a npe ni irin alagbara, irin awọn agekuru lo ni fastening solusan pẹlu iye strapping lati so ise paipu, anchoring ati idadoro assemblies ati awọn ẹrọ miiran to ọpá pẹlu LV, HV ABC USB paipu, pẹlu okun opitiki USB ẹya ẹrọ ni ikole ti palolo opitika nẹtiwọki, ni tona ati Reluwe transportation, iwakusa, epo ati gaasi iwakusa, ojoro kọrin si agbara ila.
Buckles are made of stainless steel of different grades: 202, 304, 316. Grade 316 has a superior rust corrosion resistance to be used in marine sphere.
For single or double wrapped stainless steel buckles has 2 main types:
- Simple type, L-type
- Reinforced, T-type
Reinforced buckle can guarantee extra extended service life; and attaching under significant mechanical loads because of teeth which strictly clamped the band.
Stainless steel buckles are made of different sizes depend on band strapping size.
Jera’ stainless steel buckles are available in different sizes to assist your strapping needs of securing with heavy loads


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